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Water Damage Myths

Water Damage Myth #1

Rice: Putting a water damaged phone into a bag of rice or silica desiccant for a few days might save the phone

Truth - Since almost all water contains minerals, drying you phone with rice will only dry the phone and will leave mineral deposits on the circuits.  These deposits will eventually, if not immediately, cause short circuits within your phone causing it to fail.

Water Damage Myth #2

Hairdryer: using a hairdryer to dry out your water damaged phone

Truth - using a hairdryer to dry your phone can do a few bad things:

It will force the water deeper in the phone causing more harm as it moves across the circuits. It will still leave foreign matter and minerals deposits on the circuits that will cause premature failure. Doing this can damage heat sensitive electronics within your phone

Water Damage Myth #3

Mircrowave: Putting a wet phone in the microwave for a few Seconds will dry it out.

Truth - Ok, I know what you are thinking, Who Ever did this? Well believe it or not, this is actually something that people have been told will fix their wet phones. Let me confirm this is one of the worst ideas anyone has ever had, DO NOT, under any circumstances put your phone in the microwave ...Enough said...

Water Damage Myth #4

Freezer: Putting your wet phone in the freezer to fix it

The theory here is that the lowered temperature surrounding the phone will pull the moisture out

Truth - Although this may be true in theory of Physics, what people forget to explain is that your phone's screen is made of a type of liquid as well. This liquid within your screen is highly temperamental to excessive temperatures including the cold.


Water Damage Repairs & Myths

1) Immediately turn your phone off (if it did not already do so). DO NOT TURN IT ON!

2) Place phone in Ziplock bag with a cup of rice, if possible

3) Call (250)460-0186, and speak with one of our technicians to have your phone serviced ASAP. Our technicians will completely take apart your phone/device, and then begin to clean the internal components.  This process not only ensures the internal components are completely dried, but the cleaning process ensures no corrosion will build up internally.  This process has a high percentage of success; although do we admit that we cannot save every phone. 

Water on a phone can mean destruction, water (or any liquid), and electronics simply do not mix....

We have seen lots of wet phones, and even more homegrown methods on how to fix a wet phone - So in the unfortunate instance this ever happens to you, or a friend, you will be armed with the do's and dont's of water damage

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