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We have a fully trained staff with several years of experience repairing and servicing phone from all makes and models - As well as, iPods, iPads, Tablets and more. We pride ourselves on the quick turnaround time that we provide with all of the smartphone & devices that comes through our door.

Rest assured that we are 100% dedicated to fixing your smartphone or device in the fastest amount of time, at an affordable price

If you have any questions about the services/repairs we provide, or to request a free estimate, please do not hesitate to contact Cellfixit today!

Free Estimates on Repairs

Carrier Unlocking



A free estimate will be based on the information recieved from you. Just send us an email with name, contact info and the make of the device and whether you know what happened to it. Then we can give you an approx. price and time length in which we can repair, service your device or order in the neccessary parts to do so. Then once we have the device in hand and have a look at it we will be able to give you a more accurate assessment.

Travel anywhere with your own cellphone.

Send us an email with your info, type of device and which carrier you are on (service provider). We will then contact you with the price and how long it wil take to aquire the code to unlock it. Only phones with Sim cards can be unlocked, a non-Sim card phone can not be unlocked. *Please note* We only do factory unlocks not software unlocks.

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